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“ Purpose is the cornerstone of sustainability. “

Our ESG tool, Purpose Stone, simplifies the complexity of sustainability. Businesses struggle to grasp and implement sustainability. We provide pre-analyses and expertise to facilitate the creation of tangible actions, thereby reducing the costs and time required for their ESG initiatives.

Who is Business For Purpose?

We support organizations in integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria into their strategies and operations. With our assistance, you can generate sustainable value while making a significant and positive impact on social, environmental, and economic aspects.

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Why choose Purpose Stone by B4Purpose ?

  • Assisting businesses in facilitating internal management of ESG criteria and conducting in-depth analyses.
  • Supporting investors to align their investments with their values and maximize long-term financial returns
  • Responding to the increasing significance of ESG criteria in evaluating company performance and directing investment decisions.
  • Effectively monitoring and evaluating ESG performance to take appropriate action and enhance scores.
  • Enhancing commitment to sustainability through tangible measures.

The tool modules

Our modules enables ...

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1. Strategy Development

Develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy aligned with the identified key sustainability matters. This strategy should outline the company's objectives, targets, and action plans for addressing these crucial areas.

2. Policies and Practices

Establish robust policies and practices within the organization to address the identified sustainability matters. This might include implementing environmental conservation measures, social responsibility programs, and governance frameworks aligned with stakeholder expectations.

3. Risk Mitigation and Management

Integrate risk management practices into the sustainability management framework. This involves creating plans and measures to mitigate identified sustainability risks, ensuring proactive monitoring, and having contingency plans in place.

4. Stakeholder Engagement

Engage with stakeholders regularly to communicate the company's approach towards managing sustainability matters and risks. Solicit feedback and involve stakeholders in decision-making processes related to sustainability initiatives.

5. Measurement and Reporting

Implement systems for tracking and measuring progress towards addressing sustainability matters and mitigating risks. Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor improvements and regularly report on sustainability performance.

6. Continuous Improvement

Encourage a culture of continuous improvement by regularly reviewing and reassessing the Materiality Table, sustainability strategies, and risk management approaches. Adapt and evolve these strategies to reflect changing priorities and emerging risks or opportunities.

User Roles in the tool

As a user, I ...

Receive manager's invitation, manage my profile, review sector-specific risk assessments, and respond to the manager's evaluations.

As a manager I can do ...

Company registration, profile management, team invitation, validation and creation of assessments, sending reminders, analyzing consolidated results, and defining action plans with the team.

Both can ...

Create action plans aligned with stakeholders, set performance indicators for ongoing evaluation, and craft reports for sustainable strategies.
b4purpose tool

An advanced collaborative tool:

“Optimizing the synergy between Artificial and Human Collective Intelligence to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable world.”

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Our methodology distinctively integrates Artificial Intelligence with the collective ESG expertise of both our team and our clients' diverse teams. By harnessing AI's ability to process and analyze vast amounts of ESG data, along with the rich, contextual insights provided by our experts and gleaned through client collaborations, we collaboratively build a deep understanding of market trends and regulations.This joint approach results in more precise and nuanced ESG assessments, empowering informed strategic and investment decisions, and furthering shared sustainability objectives. Through this synergy, we not only offer tailored solutions but also create a shared platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Our offers

Sector analysis

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of ESG criteria tailored to a particular sector, industry, or activity. Each sector presents its unique sustainability issues and challenges, and our sector analysis is designed to offer specific and pertinent insights. These insights assist companies and investors in making well-informed decisions.


Effortlessly conduct a comprehensive ESG analysis within your workspace, encompassing various entities within your consolidation perimeter. Our tool allows you to centralize and consolidate ESG data from different entities, providing a clear overview of your entities' collective ESG performance.

Customized training

Explore our extensive ESG analysis training courses, accessible through the modules within our tool. Our training courses blend expertise and practical knowledge, focusing on a hands-on approach. Whether you're new to ESG or seeking to enhance your current understanding, our courses are customized to cater to your specific level and requirements.

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